It's been an amazing adventure from the start to the present day. Every time I sell a copy of Sweaters and Small Stuff or get an email through my website, get a response to a blog post or notice that there has been a new review posted on Amazon about my book, I have Emu Ink to thank for sending me on this journey.

I first heard Emer Cleary talk about Emu Ink, her publishing company, at the Red Line Book Festival in Tallaght almost three years ago now and I liked what I heard. Assisted publishing (as opposed to traditional or self) seemed like a good route for me to try. It seemed to be innovative, forward-thinking with the options of various formats.

I also liked the idea of a small, publishing house that seemed to take a real and personal interest in their authors and in their authors' work. I duly sent Emer a few stories to test the water and she liked what she read and was so encouraging. When we met up some time later, we discussed the proposed structure of the collection, what Emu Ink would do to support the editing/publication process, and what I needed to do in order to take my stories out of the proverbial drawer and polish them up to make them shine. I was thrilled with the finished quality of the paperback and, indeed, the digital version.

I would recommend Emu Ink to anyone who thinks they might like to try the assisted publishing route and if I ever get around to finally penning some memoirs, I will be back knocking on Emer and Brian's virtual door.

Kathryn Crowley
Author of Sweaters and Small Stuff

St. Muirin's Writers Group has been in existence since 1995 under the guidance of poet and writer Marie Gahan. The group comprises eleven women who have made quite a journey forming strong bonds through our years of writing together. When we decided to write and publish a collective memoir of prose and poetry we all had very definite ideas of how we wanted our book to be. Given our diverse group requirements finding the right publisher was vital to us.

Brian and Emer Cleary of Emu Ink met those requirements. They helped, advised and guided us through each step of the process without ever interfering with or ignoring, our needs or diluting the essence of the group dynamic. Not an easy task. Also their flexibility and understanding on price, time lines, communications and meetings, etc. was hugely helpful. They accommodated our wish to use a personal cover design giving us generous support and input from their Design Department. A fantastic launch night in Tallaght Library was a fitting finale to our hard work.

For any writer exploring the area of assisted-publishing, we can confidently recommend Emu Ink. We not only got a great deal for our group but felt that we'd found a safe home for our precious memories and also made new friends. We wish Brian and Emer great success in the future.

St Muirin's Writers Group
Authors of Kaleidoscope

I was told by my mother to 'jot a few words down about Emer'. Obviously, the woman doesn't know me at all. I'd write a novel on pretty much anything - but Emer! I could write a trilogy. In fact, with her help, I already have!

When I was told that my book - my small, stapled-together book that my teacher was forced into reading - was being e-published by a proper, real-life publishing company, I was on air. It was such an amazing feeling, and I was so excited to meet Emer, and for her to be wowed by my books.

Sadly, not everything panned out as I wished. Emer very wisely pointed out things that I didn't realise. I'll be honest - it hurt. I guess not many authors like being politely told 'Too many people die for a kid's book. There's too many characters' and so forth.

But, after lots of editing, a big crowd gathered in the Irish Writer's Centre on Parnell Square for the launch of Emu Ink and for the launch of my very own two books for CCRT in St. Vincent's Hospital, where my dad was treated before he lost his battle to cancer during May of the previous year.

I was absolutely amazed when I was asked to go on the Six One, I was featured in BBC Online. TV3 were amazing, I went on Today FM with Ray D'Arcy, Newstalk twice (once with Sile Seoige) and so much more.

It was in July 2013 when my mom was strolling out in the garden after cutting the grass, speaking on the phone for quite a while. When I went outside to check what was going on, my mom looked as if somebody had died. Very concerned now, I asked her what was going on. And she told me. I was careful not to scream. I had won the RTE Young Person of the Year Award for 2013.

I was absolutely gobsmacked, and found it hard to keep it a secret for more than two months. But finally the day came when I accepted the award, and got to share it with the amazing Donal Walsh.

I didn't get to make a speech and thank Emer and Brian. I don't think I could have put into words how warm my heart feels when I look at my award. And every time, even at a sideways glance, an embarrassed glimpse, I always, always think of Emer and Brian. Smiling. Laughing. And being two of my very best friends in this whole world. Thank you.

Joe Prendergast
Author of The Great Fragola Brothers trilogy

It is difficult to put into words what I feel about Emu Ink. To me, and to Joe, Emu Ink has become so much more than a publishing company, so much more than a business. It became a friend, an advice centre, a counsellor and a bearer of great news.

When Emer agreed to e-publish Joe's books, it was such a wonderful shock, a jolt out of our grief. It was the start of a wonderful - and cherished - friendship with both Emer and Brian, but also the start of an incredible journey.

That journey took Joe on to the pages and airwaves of the national media - I will never forget Emer's phone calls and legendary texts saying Joe was featured on BBC Online, RTE wanted him for the Six One and Ray D'Arcy was OK for Thursday. What a magical whirlwind! We thrived in the excitement, the fun was infectious but all the while, Emer remained the calm and professional editor, using her rich journalistic background to guide Joe safely through it all.

Our journey culminated in Joe winning the RTE Young Person of The Year Award in 2013. Nothing could have prepared us for that shock and that joy. What a wonderful yet humbling accolade it was for Joe. And how well aware we are that none of this would have happened without Emu Ink.

I can, without a shadow of doubt, say that Joe would NEVER have finished a book, never mind a trilogy, without Emer. When she arrived to edit the books, Joe was a little nonplussed. 'But I've written them already!' was perhaps a natural reaction for a nine-year-old boy, but with smiles and jokes, cuddles and Crunchies and the odd milky cup of tea, Joe was won over and hooked.

And what amazing books they turned into. I'm always so pleased when people comment on how good they look. The logo, the spine, the photo, the whole package. They really are books!

There are days now when I miss that excitement. The media has died down, the trilogy is complete. Ellie's arrival has meant Emer and Brian are busier than ever. The visits are fewer, and for a while the texts were shorter! And if our journey has reached a full-stop, or at least a semicolon, then so be it. When I feel a little sad that all the hype is over I just take myself into a bookshop. And there, just after Terry Pratchett and tantalizingly close to Rowling, I see them. And, when no one's looking, I run my finger down the spine of his three books, on a shelf, in a bookshop, in Dublin and smile. Inside I whisper, 'Thank you Emer. Thank you Brian. Thank you Emu Ink.'

Ita Mac Conville
Mother of Joe Prendergast - Author of The Great Fragola Brothers trilogy

Paul H. Tubb
Author and illustrator of Ten Princesses, The Dog of Edward Aloysius Grey, Scaring Jeremiah and Jeremy Doesn't Like Jam - (Four Wacky Tales)

ONCE I met Emer Cleary from Emu Ink and spoke to her about my hopes and dreams for Summer Triangle, I knew that I had found the right place for me. That was less than a year ago and today I am a published author with an ebook for sale and a paperback available in book shops nationwide.

Emer and her team have completely bridged that gap between traditional and self-publishing. The transition from manuscript through the editing process to cover design and launch has been the best adventure ever, and has been made all the more successful by their ongoing promotion and interest in the book since it was published only four months ago.

Even friends who are published by traditional authors have watched in awe at how Emu Ink has given my book life and sent it out into the world.

My second book is almost finished and I won't be knocking on any other publisher's door to send me on the same journey again. I know exactly what page to begin on.

Carolann Copland
Author of Summer Triangle

WHEN I first finished writing Searching For Me and began to look into the publishing process I would be lying if I didn't say it terrified me, so much so that I held off on making a decision as to what to do with my book. It was my life on the pages so as a result I was very protective over it and I needed to find somebody to work with that would understand and respect that and also have the experience to guild me in the right direction.

From the very first phone call I had with Emer Cleary at Emu Ink I knew I had found all of that and more in her and Emu Ink. I instantly lost all of my concerns as we worked through the process together to get my book ready for the shelves. Emer and Brian were there with me every step of the way before I published and after. Their experience and guidance in itself gave me the confidence to take the leap of faith to put my work out there and it has paid off more than I ever expected. They worked day and night to commit themselves to my work in order to help me make it the best possible version of itself.

As a result of the hard work of Emer and Brian at Emu Ink, Searching For Me has already exceeded my expectations and continues to grow in its success and I can't thank them enough for not only committing themselves to help me publish my first book but for continuing to be a constant support to me after.

Aoife Curran
Author of Searching For Me - My Adoption Story

Working with Emu Ink has been a total pleasure. For me the process struck the perfect balance between the professional high standards of traditional editing/publishing and the freedom and control of a self publishing project. I can't thank them enough of all they have done and I look forward to the next project. I'm proud and privileged to be an Emu Ink author.

Annmarie Miles
Author of The Long & The Short of it

The launch of this new e-book venture is very welcome. I believe this enterprise will succeed given the experience of all those involved with Emu Ink Ltd. I consider it an honour to have my local history volume Tallaght - a place with history included with the titles for this launch.

My best wishes to Emu Ink and every success for the future.

Eamonn Maloney T.D
Author of Tallaght - a place with history