The Emu Ink library is a facility, which allows you to download new work for a period of 30 days at a time. At the end of this time your book will expire.

Why rent?

There are two reasons for readers to rent their book. The main one being that it is cheaper. The second one being that it does not take up any storage space on your e-reader and is accessible from all computers, web-enabled e-readers and the iPad as well as the iPhone because access is gained through the internet. Renting also allows you to test out a book that you are curious about but not sure that you want to keep. Throughout your 30 days with the book you will be reminded of the option to extend your reading period from anything between 7 and 30 more days or if you are finished with it and loved you can always choose to buy it.

Why, as an author, is this rental facility an advantage to me?

As an author, supplying your book for download via Amazon and other leading online stores across the world, you are subject to certain fees. Amazon takes its cut and the supplier etc takes its cut but when you rent the only cut taken from the cost of the download is our cut, as your publisher, and yours. You will make 70 per cent of the rental cost (after transaction fee) and, in many cases, a larger royalty than that of a downloaded book at a higher price. Of course it is fantastic to be supplied to so many online shops worldwide but we offer both facilities so as to target the larger market and ensure everyone is catered for.