Novel Number Two - The Final Furlong, by Carolann Copland


When I first approached Emer Cleary of Emu Ink for assistance in publishing my novel Summer Triangle, I felt like I was trying to sneak into a party through the back door. As I hold my second novel in my hands I realise that Emer has shown me that I fully belong at that party; that I waltzed in the front door and that I can hold my head up as good as any other author.

Knowing that Emer believes in me as a writer, has encouraged me to go out there and complete a second book with full confidence that she will assist me through the publishing journey once more. I also feel that we know each other better now and are able to trust each other so much more. Perhaps this means that we have been tougher on each other but in a fulfilling way. I found the editing process so much easier this time, knowing what Emer expected of me and understanding her reasoning for making the right changes.

In some ways all the work that I have put into the first book, making mistakes along the way, makes writing the second book a little easier. Although Scarred is the second book in a series of three, each one of the books must stand alone as a read. Making sure the reader enjoys the individual product as well as the trilogy product comes with challenges and huge pleasures. As a writer, it is wonderful to follow some of the same characters and see where they end up, but it also creates problems in making sure that the writing is consistent.

Writing the second book was nothing like writing the first book. I expected more from myself and I knew that those who had read and enjoyed Summer Triangle would be waiting for something at least as good as the first, if not better. So the flow and the passion of the first book were there but with greater discipline. Writing has ceased to be the hobby that I love and is now the job that I adore. The pressure is greater but the excitement is immense.

In Bird by Bird: Some instructions on Writing and Life, Anne Lamott tells us that‘The beginnings of a second and third book are full of spirit and confidence because you have been published and false starts and terror because you now have to prove yourself again.’

This is how it is.

As a first time author, the sheer pleasure of walking into a bookshop and seeing someone that you have never met pick up your book, read the title and turn over to have a look at the blurb, then walk to the cashier to pay for it gave me goose bumps. Going home, thinking of that person sitting down somewhere to read my book was such a pleasure. Walking along a beach in the South of Spain and seeing a reader lying on a sunbed stuck into my words between that all familiar cover was exhilarating. These are the experiences I am hoping to achieve again. This is how Carolann Copland became Carolann Copland, the author.

So the final edits of the second book are complete and I am once more filled with awe, holding another book in my hand bearing my name. In the lead up to my first book launch I imagined the scenario in my head and looked forward to a wonderful evening. This time, knowing how amazing a night that was, I wonder how it could be as exciting again. But I know that this book also shows the same passion for writing as the first. I hope this feeling never changes. I think that it will get more exciting, not less.

Scarred  will be launched by Jax Miller, author of Freedom’s Child on the 16th of June at the picturesque Carousel Writers’ Centre at 6.30pm. Why not join me as I waltz into that author party once more?