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Geri can hardly believe it when she is landed right into the most mortifying of cliched situations after her long-term boyfriend, Tom, cheats on her with his secretary. With more than a bruised ego the heartbroken travel agent throws him out and attempts to deal with the fallout of losing her best friend and her dreams for the future all at the same time. Determined, however, not to wallow for too long her friends convince her to "get back on the horse" and, in doing so, back on the Dublin dating scene. With a scene however, that has changed since the days when a bloke bought you a drink at a bar and asked for a "shift", Geri is more than a little lost. From blind dates, to speed dating to celeb relationships, and much more, what ensues is one hysterical encounter after another - each one peppered with the ever-burning question - will Tom convince her to go back to him or will Geri press on, however hard, and write him off as just another frog in a lifelong quest to find her prince?

About the Author

Emer Cleary (nee Mulvaney) was born in Kells, County Meath in 1980. She attended Colaiste Dhulaigh in Coolock where she graduated with a Diploma in Journalism in 2002 after which she emigrated to the UK and qualified with an honours Degree in Journalism and Editorial Design in 2003. She worked for 10 years in newspapers between the UK and Ireland as a reporter and Editor and finished her first book, How Many Frogs?, in 2011. Emer lives in Stepaside, Dublin with her husband Brian.