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This book is the first book of poetry by Kevin Michael who draws on his experiences within the historical town of Kells for his writing.

From local natives to landscapes; the sights and sounds of the town are brought to life in this wonderful collection.

Another Book of Kells isn't a typically historical homage to this beautiful town - which is a huge source of pride to our country - it is a tribute to the real lives of its inhabitants, the real streets and those who cross them every day.

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About the Author
Kevin Michael McGovern is a Kells native who, having lived in the historical town all of his life, uses the inspiration he gets from it for his wonderful poetry.

With a large extended family living in the County Meath borough, Kevin's writing often reflects his passion for them as well as the community, which makes up his beloved homeplace.

His tongue in cheek humour and talent for bringing the ordinary to life while respecting its heritage and telling tales of the past, is second to none.

Another Book of Kells is a beautiful compilation of work and excellent testament to the talent of this Irish writer who knows no bounds.

Kevin is currently compiling a second volume of work.