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Twice Upon a Time is the beautiful story of a grieving widower who takes a nostalgic walk in the park one day, rolls down the hill he used to as a child and wakes up at the bottom of it - a 15-year-old boy back in the 1960s.

Having lost his wife, Andrew is consumed by grief. Married for over 40 years his entire world revolved around his true love, but when she is cruelly snatched away from him he is at a loss... until life takes an unusual turn and he finds himself back in time. Back to a period before he'd ever met his wife, when old Dublin was old Dublin and the cinemas and dance halls were alive with the music of the time.

It isn't long before Andrew realises, however, that if he is alive again in this time, then surely Annette must be too. So should he go find her and alter the course of history, or should he let sleeping dogs lie and wait until they are brought together, at the foot of Bray Head, like they had been originally?

And then there is the fact that he knows so much... President Kennedy will be assassinated - should he warn someone? And Annette will die - should he tell her? It's a battle of wills and of the conscience, as all the while Andrew knows that, ultimately, what he should do is the right thing by everyone - but can he overlook his grief to do it?

This is a wonderful story, which draws on the author's own experience of death, but is sure to tap into the feelings of anyone unfortunate enough to suffer the loss of a loved one, and who wishes that they too could travel back in time.

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About the Author
Andy Halpin is a father and grandfather originally from the city centre in Dublin and living in Tallaght for the past 40 years. A hard working man who was also married to one of the hardest working and influential characters on the Tallaght volunteer scene, Andy was lost when he lost his beloved wife Annette to Cancer. Not to let her memory fade, however, he penned the beautiful, From Bray to Eternity, a wonderful account of the life they shared together. The proceeds from his books, both paperback and e-books - will go the Annette Halpin Bursary, set up in association with South Dublin County Council, in aid of local musicians.