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There's an old man in the old town, who tells scary stories to children at the library.

He wants to scare these children, it's all he wants to do, and he does scare most of them, but there is one he just cannot frighten - Jeremiah White.

It is his one remaining desire to scare Jeremiah, but he's not sure how to achieve it. He's running out of tales and he needs to get some more.

An unorthodox plan gives him a tiny sliver of hope, but what he discovers through it is totally unexpected...

Can he scare Jeremiah? You'll soon see!

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About the Author
Paul is a comic poet-songwriter and humorous illustrator-cartoonist who is based in Howth, Co. Dublin, though UK born.

In 2004, Paul got married to his other half, Daria, and very early on they discovered they were pregnant. Thrilled, Paul thought it would be nice to write some silly rhymes for their unborn child, and later, after suffering a miscarriage, he decided it would be therapeutic to write the rhymes anyway.

When he showed them to his wife and some friends, he was greatly encouraged and, not knowing how to find an illustrator, he took a stab at the drawings himself. Referencing his lifelong love of comics and cartoons, to create what he thought would be suitable illustrations, he continued to receive very positive encouragement and in the years that followed he found himself full-time doodling and creating mini books for children to enjoy. Today, Paul goes nowhere without a pen and pad to doodle whenever he can.