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"I read it! It's AMAZING! I can hardly credit he's only the age he is. My jaw was dropping open all the way through. It's such fun and so atmospheric - especially the parts set in Egypt. And the characters are brilliant - so deftly drawn. He has an incredible gift for observing. The plot was fantastic - really pacey, gripping and with a genuine sense of peril." - Marian Keyes, author

Just when they thought it was all over, when the world seemed to have calmed down and The Great Fragola Brothers could bask in the glory of previously saving it from an army of crazed monsters, their greatest nemesis yet makes an appearance.

The dreaded Tiger Higgins, the most powerful teenager in the world, is determined to destroy everything in her path with her Necromancer's Blaze; and the only thing capable of stopping her is the power of two brothers who are complete opposites, but would do anything for each other...

As Tiger's threat increases Paolo and Giuseppe are called upon, once more, by The Three Circles Society and the adventure that ensues, sees their magic move up a notch as the most famous magical double act on Earth turns its hand to wizardry!

Will they finally be beaten or can The Great Fragola Brothers defeat their enemy and save the population once again?

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About the Author
Joe Prendergast is a ten-year-old, 5th class student of Holy Trinity school, from Sandyford in South Dublin. His love of writing began at an early age but in 2012 he began to take it to the next level and wrote his first book - The Great Fragola Brothers, to which he then penned a sequel; The Great Fragola Brothers, The Twisted.

The books proved hugely popular and led to much publicity for the youngster who first started writing them after his beloved father Geoff died of lung cancer. In his memory Joe chose to donate the profits from his books to Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT), which is based in St Vincent's Hospital where Geoff was treated.

Profits from Dead End will also go to CCRT