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Having spent most of his childhood fending off abusers in the orphanage and at school, Lars Stein takes to living rough on the streets of Hamburg.

A murderer from a young age, the kudos it brings him with local gangs gives him a thirst for blood and power; and after falling in with the Bandidos, a notorious outlaw biker gang, his path is set.

Rising through the ranks of the gang his sadistic reputation earns him the name The Butcher and for quite some time he is the hero: raping, killing and taking for himself, whatever he pleases.

But, in Germany, it doesn't last.

After kidnapping Helga, a young gap year student, from the bar in which she works, he uses and abuses her before snuffing out her young life.

He soon forgets about her - but not everyone does...

His actions have put his gang in danger and he is forced to flee the country and make connections elsewhere. But he is forever looking over his shoulder and his paranoia threatens his very survival.

A fearless psychopath The Butcher knows he is not invincible, but how can he stay one step ahead when he doesn't even know who he's running from?

About the Author
Brian Mulvaney has always had a passion for bikes and it has long been a dream of his to fuse that passion and his other great love - writing. The Butcher is a fantastic example of the success of this fusion - a fast-paced, intriguing and powerful read.

Growing up on the north side of Dublin his formative years revolved around bikes, music, girls and The Grove; but in the years that followed he began to put pen to paper writing short stories and poetry before finishing this, his first novel, The Butcher.

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