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When ordinary people live through extraordinary moments.

Sweaters and Small Stuff is a wonderful collection of stories,depicting some of the most tender and sweet as well as tragic and harrowing, instances in the lives of many.

From the life-changing to the seemingly mundane, this thought-provoking anthology will take you on a journey that won't easily be forgotten. The two-part volume brings you a very different story for every day of the week, in the first section.

From Sundays and Secrets, where a young girl's life is changed forever on a Kerry beach to Friday's Photographs, where a tale of abuse takes an unusual turn.

In part two, Foreign TV Stations is a funny take on a stroke of luck, A Model Mother, tugs at the heartstrings and 30-minute-meals gives real food for thought.

Sweaters and Small Stuff offers a varied and enjoyable read for ordinary people looking for extraordinary moments.

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About the Author
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Kathryn Crowley has been a primary school teacher for over 30 years. Originally from Killarney, Co. Kerry, she has lived in Dublin for over three decades, having previously also lived in Boston.

She played basketball with Pegasus until "well past her prime" and when she realised that she was never going to make it as a golfer (despite the encouragement from her friends in Ballinascorney GC) she took to creative writing in her spare time.

This passion, now devours her every spare moment and she loves to write short stories and memoir pieces.

In 2010 she had a true Irish short story, The Liar, published in A Pint and a Haircut by Londubh Books.

Sweaters and Small Stuff is her first published collection of short stories. Kathryn is married to Sean and has two grown-up children, Eoin and Sinéad.