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After a turbulent few months Paolo and Giuseppe Fragola are preparing to take Europe by storm with their magical double act when out of the blue they get a call to go back to New York. There is trouble brewing when an evil sorcerer unleashes a terrible army of monsters, known as The Twisted, in an effort to rid the world of humans and overrun it with those under his spell. It's another huge task, in the wake of their last act of heroism in saving a kidnapped actress, but the brothers decide to take it on. The question is - is it too much for two trick-happy magicians or will they prove more useful in the fight than any of their magical friends?

About the Author

Joe Prendergast is a ten-year-old, 5th class student of Holy Trinity school, from Sandyford in South Dublin. His love of writing began at an early age but in 2012 he began to take it to the next level and wrote his first book. The Great Fragola Brothers, to which he then penned a sequel. Joe writes every day and loves nothing more than sitting at his laptop with a "good milky cup of tea" to keep him company when writing.

Joe has chosen to donate the proceeds from his two books to CCRT, which is based in St Vincent's Hospital where his father Geoff, who bravely battled cancer for five and a half years, was treated. Geoff lost his fight but always hoped the war against cancer would continue. He had an incredible belief in the work being done by Professor Crown and the whole research team at Cancer Clinical Research. Geoff fully believed that some day there will be a cure for lung cancer. Now his family, including Joe, want to fundraise as much as they can so that research may continue and that others won't lose a wonderful parent, brother or partner to cancer.