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As Ireland's youngest member of the Magic Society, Gary Ryan was once a prodigy - a precocious child star whose life was changed forever by a diabolical act of betrayal. It was a seminal moment that led him to turn his back on magic, while his once bright future veered off course in the fight against debilitating shyness and a total lack of self-worth.

His best friend Collie, who knows nothing of the reason for Gary's 15 years of mental self-torture, is the one person who can bring out his undeniable sense of humour and dry wit. Collie is a self-confident, fashion-conscious lad who shares Gary's three passions - "beer, birds and Bohemian FC".

Collie, who is everything Gary wants to be, is however masking his own shallowness and an emotional frailty which is destroying most of the relationships in his life.

It is Gary's social and economic situation that forces him to confront the reasons for his own constant unhappiness and inability to be successful, but it also kick-starts a road to redemption that defines both his and Collie's futures.

Cabra Cadabra is a bluntly-comedic, heart-warming tale of self-discovery, hope and recovery.

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About the Author
Eamonn Donohoe is a journalist, broadcaster and award-winning television producer. He has worked throughout Irish sports media for Sky News, TV3, INN, Newstalk, the Irish Daily Mail and, most predominantly, RTE where he was a regular reporter and served as editor of the Sunday Game evening show in 2012.

He now works as a television producer for BBC Scotland in Glasgow and was one of the programme editors on BBC Sport's coverage of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

He is an unashamed League of Ireland apologist and supports Longford Town FC.

He lives in Ayr with his wife Elaine, son Tom and step-cat Douglas.

This is his first novel.

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