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To Us and Ours and Theirs...is the life story of Fred Maher, a proud Dublin man who had a great love for the city and an even greater love for the family he raised there.

The book was written in 1999, with the help of his son Declan, as a reference for his family who he wished to ensure would never forget. Fred died in 2008.

Fred was a typesetter by trade who started out in Brown & Nolan's. He then worked at Koningsveld & Zoon at the North Lotts but, after redundancy at 52, became Features' Editor at the Irish Press until he retired.

Fred's grandfather was the calligrapher who designed the Bewley's sign, a fact he was very proud of.

To Us and Ours and Theirs...is a wonderful and heartfelt look back on an interesting and varied life.