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Is it true? Did it really happen to you? Some of it did!

Room for One More depicts snapshots of the author's childhood in Killarney, her time in a boarding school in Co. Cork, her college years in Dublin and her subsequent travels.

The short stories that these snapshots inspire, range from an emigrant's Christmas in Australia in Waiting for Christmas, a drama in a nursing home in Returning Home and a sinister feud in an Argentine village in And Then Came the War.

This collection of memoirs and short stories offers a varied and enjoyable read, to those of us who sometimes wonder, "could that really happen?"

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About the Author
Find out more about the author on her website.

Kathryn Crowley has been working in the Irish education sector for many years.

She loves to write short stories and memoir pieces.

Originally from Killarney, Co. Kerry, she now lives in Dublin. She is married to Seán and has two grown up children.

She had a true Irish short story "The Liar" published in "A Pint and a Haircut" Londubh Books (2010).

"Sweaters and Small Stuff" (2014) was her first published collection of short stories.