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For most of his young life, Nathan has been plagued by recurring dreams.

Sometimes these dreams are confusing, sometimes exciting - and sometimes even scary. What they all have in common, however, is that he doesn't have any idea what they are really about!

Every night he is visited by frogs as big as dogs, giant slugs and creatures with horns that stretch back like handlebars.

There are screaming birds that soar through the sky and monsters made of rock. Trees a million feet tall and voices that boom in the night.

Every time he has these dreams he tries his best to figure them out but, more often than not, overthinking them causes blackouts; and Nathan is always left feeling further away from an answer, than ever.

Everything changes, however, when one night a strange little creature visits him. A creature he isn't meant to have seen - and for once it isn't a dream.

On capturing the creature, Nathan finds that the world into which he has been immersed nightly, might not necessarily be a dream but rather, somewhere he is destined to be.

And so the adventure begins.

Alongside his two best friends Ben and Ellie and his eccentric headmaster, Mr Melrick, Nathan unlocks the world, a world far beyond his imagination; and he is taken on a quest not just to uncover it - but to save it.

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About the Author
Denis Thompson is a writer and musician, originally from Tallaght now living in Wexford.

A self-professed dreamer, he has been writing and recording music for many years and his intention has always been to create a fantasy book for children that would be complimented by his music. Centurium, The Land of Creedon, is just that.

Along with this book, Denis has produced tracks to accompany the characters on their exciting journey, and they can be downloaded directly from iTunes. The tracks can be enjoyed in conjunction with the reading of the book or as a standalone album.

Centurium, The Land of Creedon, is Denis' first book and he is currently working on his second.