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"I think the best team I have ever been seen is the four-in-a-row team. They can talk about Paddy Coad's team and Sean Thomas's team, yes they were great teams, but I think overall the four-in-a-row went on for so many years with very little personnel changes and if it was put to me to say which I thought was the best ever team then I would say McLaughlin's team, as I call them." - The late Jack Wilson. The four-in-a-row story is a magical account of a team held in great esteem by its beloved club.

About the Author

Robert Goggins is a lifelong Rovers supporter with an enormous passion for both the game and his beloved club. To date he has collaborated on one book (The Hoops - with Paul Dolan - keep an eye on emuink in the coming months for the e-book version) and written three himself, The Four In A Row Story, Shamrock Rovers Football Club 100 Years, and Chronological History of Shamrock Rovers FC, all of which are available, for the first time ever, as e-books, through Emu Ink. Robert is currently also working on his first novel.