Most of you will know us, at Emu Ink, as the guys who turn school pupils into published authors – and you are right. Many of you, however, may not know that in the past we have actually published many different types of books, in many different genres and for many different audiences.

With almost a decade of experience in the book publishing industry we’ve done it all – well almost…

Now we do SPORT!

We are delighted to announce that what we are now offering sports clubs all over Ireland, is the opportunity to celebrate milestone anniversaries with a very special publication – that also doubles up as a fundraiser.

At a time where the pandemic has rendered most traditional fundraising impossible and clubs are in more need of financial help than ever, producing a book with us is the perfect solution.

Our beautiful, A4, full colour, publications are packed with features and articles, history pieces, significant match highlights, tributes to deceased members, county player achievements, various team focus pieces, unique stories and photo spreads.

For the clubs, not only will the books provide a stunning historical record (including their most recent achievements throughout the pandemic, a monumental time in our history) but members will also rejoice in the recounting of their many successes. Additionally the content will also provide a window into the club for potential members, who will get a feel for the part they play in their communities.

The move to sport has been a long time in the planning here are Emu Ink and for us it is a natural one. We’ve spent many years creating similar books for school communities – the very ones that are linking young players with sports clubs.

We know the benefits of producing these books – they are far reaching – and we want to offer that to as many clubs/groups as possible.

Because at Emu Ink it isn’t about what, it’s about who.

We are schools, we are sport, we are community.


By Emer Cleary
Founder & CEO
Emu Ink Publishing